Why Is My Toilet Not Flushing?

If your toilet isn’t flushing properly, there could be several solutions like cleaning the clog, adjusting the refill valve, fixing the flapper, cleaning the inlet holes, and many other solutions. Our guide will explain some of the main reasons for toilet clogs, so fix the problem as quickly as possible. Remember there are a lot of DIY ideas to clear the clogs, safety is important. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a task, call a professional plumber.


Clogs in the toilet are one of the most common home plumbing problems. Toilet trap, cotton balls, wipes, paper towels will not dissolve in water sometimes and create a clog. Even a small clog can lead to serious issues, use a plunger to push the blockage. If it doesn’t work out, call a plumber. For more stubborn clogs, you or your plumber should use a toilet auger to get in there and unclog the toilet.

Outdated low-flow toilet

If you have an older low-flow toilet, then it might not be designed to provide the flush you need. Low-flow toilets have been popular since the 90’s. So if you want to prevent water but still enjoy suitable flushing power, then replace your toilet with a newer model.

Adjust the refill valve

If there’s not enough water in the tank when you flush, then you won’t get enough force to push all the contents through the trap. The purpose of the refill valve is to replace the water in the tank after each flush. The refilling will stop once the cup reaches a certain level. It’s possible that this shut-off point is set too low.  You can easily adjust the float by turning the screw to go up the maximum refill line.

The flapper is out of place or worn out

The flapper is made of rubber or plastic which acts as a seal between the tank and the bowl. Whenever you flush the toilet, a chain pulls the flapper, thus allowing the water to flow. Sometimes, the flapper can get loose, tear out so if water trickles from the tank to the bowl, there will not be water in the tank. Replace the flapper immediately and check whether the toilet flushes easily.

Water Level in the Tank Is Too Low

The water level in a toilet’s tank should be maintained and frequently checked. If the water in the tank is too low, check the water valve, as it may be turned off. If the water valve was off, turn it on and monitor the water level in the tank. Make sure that it refills to the correct level, then flush the toilet to make sure it’s flushing properly again.

Ultimately, there are lots of reasons for a toilet that won’t flush. Some of these problems are fast and easy to fix yourself, while others can be handled by a licensed plumber. Avoid the hassle and costs associated with plumbing repairs by frequently checking the condition of your pipelines.

Don’t ignore the signs of potential damage, immediately take required action and reduce the costly repairs.