Which Country Grants Citizenship by Buying Property?

You may have heard of countries that grant citizenship to people who buy property. These may include Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and St Kitts. But how does it work? In this article, we’ll examine a few of the main options. In addition, we’ll look at the costs and advantages of each, visit Del Aria Team near you.


One of the ways to gain citizenship in Cyprus is to purchase property. This investment option is advantageous in many ways. Not only do you get to live in a gorgeous and beautiful country, but you also have the option to obtain a European passport. Buying property in Cyprus is also a good way to start your own business.

You can buy a property and gain citizenship in Cyprus in six to eight months. While it is not yet part of Schengen, the country is close to gaining membership, albeit at a delayed pace. Once you get a Cyprus passport, you’ll be able to travel freely to the rest of the EU without a visa. You can also buy a property in Cyprus and then sell it in a few years, and still enjoy a profit.


Buying property in Bulgaria is one way to earn citizenship. The country has one of the lowest tax rates in the EU and is easy to set up a company. However, before you make this decision, you should do the math. It may not be worth it for many, but for others, EU citizenship may be the missing piece of their passport portfolio.

The Bulgarian citizenship program has two stages. The first stage requires a minimum investment of 512 000 EUR in government bonds. Once the investment is made, it will be held by the Bulgarian government for five years and then returned to you, fully guaranteed. The investment will not include any accrued interest. This process is also available to family members of the investor.


To acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing property, one must meet certain requirements. Among these requirements are not using the property for another purpose and not being prohibited from obtaining a nationality in Turkey. Additionally, the person who is applying for citizenship must be over the age of 18 years old. Also, he must purchase the property from a Turkish person or Turkish company.

The real estate route is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to obtain citizenship in Turkey. This method takes significantly less time than any other. However, applicants must hold the property for three years after purchasing it. It is also important to bear in mind that a person cannot sell the property before three years have passed since the date of purchase.

St Kitts

Buying property in St Kitts gives citizens the opportunity to qualify for citizenship in a unique way. Not only are you entitled to travel visa-free to over 140 countries, but you also gain a second passport that lasts for generations. The application process is quick, and you’re guaranteed citizenship within 60 days.

Realtors by investment in St Kitts and Nevis is simple and cost-effective. The cost of applying for citizenship is dependent on the number of family members who are included in the application and the documents required. The Sustainable Growth Fund calculates the cost of citizenship for a single investor, a married couple, and a family with two children. If you’re looking for a faster path to citizenship, consider purchasing real estate in St Kitts and Nevis. Approximately half of all applicants have purchased real estate in the past few years.

St Kitts is home to a narrow-gauge railway, which winds around the islands. The excursions last about four hours, and the real estate agent guides point out sights of interest as they go. There are also plenty of shopping malls and nightclubs on the island. St Kitts is also home to the largest port in the Caribbean, Christophe Harbor. The harbour is equipped with 300 berths, including a number for large yachts. It also has a customs office and shops. The cost of goods is much lower than in European ports. If you’re in need of spare parts for your boat, you can get them cheaper in St Kitts than at other Caribbean ports.


You can become a real estate agent of Grenada by buying property there. You can apply through the Grenada Investment Committee, which requires you to fill in four different forms. These are required to show proof of your identity, address, and source of funds. The citizenship process is simple, but requires due diligence. It is essential to know the requirements to ensure that you will receive citizenship in Grenada. In addition to these forms, you will need to provide your current passport, birth certificate, picture ID, and police clearance certificate.

The government of Grenada is relatively stable, and has made significant improvements to the infrastructure. In recent years, the country has been a popular destination for international tourists. It has an active investment environment, with a solid economy and decent GDP growth. It is outside of the hurricane belt, but tropical storms do pass through the island.

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